When anxiety and depression battle for dominance, the only loser is the host. They both win. They trade off minute by minute and at the end of the day I can declare if it was depression or anxiety that was at the helm most of the time. I am getting…

Left foot, right foot: Major depressive disorder, anxiety, and children!

Self-help articles and therapists like to make coddling your mental disorder(s) the only star of the show. “You first”. “Gotta put on your oxygen mask before assisting others haha”. But what if, say, you were the pilot and your oxygen…

I started practicing smiling in the mirror a few times a week so that my muscles would still remember how. I guess some part of me still has hope that I’ll need a smile again and that things will get better.

I lost faith in people in general a long…

TW: Death, loss, grief, young death.

I start having nightmares this time of year. Bad ones. I usually stop sleeping.

This one’s deeply personal, no advice contained within, just trauma.

Shared in hopes of healing part of myself, and in adoring memory of my first friend.

As always, the music…

Ane Notting

Mental health blogger & advocate

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